The Artists of  I.D.P.



Elias Choi-Buttinger:


Born in 1987, from Austria, practicing breakdance since 2003, two completed studies in contemporary dance at the Bruckner University of Linz works as a dancer, dance teacher, choreographer and filmmaker.




Anjali Prasad:


Born in 1991, from India (Calcutta), Masters degree in Odissi, was awarded in 2015 as one of the ten best Odissi (classical Indian dance form) dancers internationally.




Weng Teng Choi:


Born in 1992, originally from Macau (China), has been dancing since early childhood has completed a ballet training and study of contemporary dance at the Bruckner University of Linz.




Stefan Weissenberger:


Born in 1984, originally from Germany, lives and works as a musician in Linz, studied jazz trumpet on the Anton Bruckner University and produces various types of electronic music.




Darshana Borkotoky:


Born in 1992, originally from India (Assam), master's degree in Bharatnatyam(classical Indian dance form), has won various awards, good Bihu dancer (folk dance from Assam).




Naima Marylin Mazic:


Born in 1992, from Austria has been practicing different dance styles since her early childhood, studies of choreography for contemporary dance at the Vienna Conservatory and MA. Research Cycle in P.A.R.T.S., Brussels.




Sangram Mukhopadhyay:


Born in 1994, from India (Calcutta), one of the best Waacking dancers in all of India has built up the entire Waacking scene in the state of West Bengal.




Prince Paswan:


Born in 1996, from India (Calcutta), student and one of the best bboys (breakdancers) of India.




Valentine Gomes:


Born in 1991, from India (Calcutta), is one of the co-founders and patrons of hip-hop culture in Kolkata, popping dancer and deejay




Samer Alkurdi:


Born in 1986, originally from Damascus (Syria), he danced with JULLANAR dance company in Syria and SIMA dance company in Beirut (Lebanon), at the moment MA studies in contemporary dance at the Anton Bruckner University Linz.




Katarina Scekic:






Hermes Sebastiao Riemer:


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